Our Fees

If you need our audit fee quotation, please e-mail us at services@clementtanco.com with the following information:

  1. Name of business
  2. Contact person
  3. Mode of contact (telephone no. or e-mail address)
  4. Other information
    • Do you need our book-keeping service?
    • Value of Turnover (full year)
    • No of sales invoices (full year)
    • Purchases (full year)
    • No of purchases (full year)
    • Any investment properties, if yes, provide location and amount
    • Any properties, if yes, to provide location and amount
    • Any subsidiary, associate or joint-venture company
    • Any stock, if yes, state valuation method and amount at balance sheet date
    • Any other property, plant and equipment (excluding own-used properties in 4.7 above)
    • Number of employees
    • Any rent and staff quarters
    • Any directors’ remuneration and fees
    • Last year’s audit fee
  5. Provide us with a copy of last year's auditors' report and financial statements
  6. Any other information relevant to our assessments